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at the dsw on 400 post street to compensate for some of the money that the ssc program lost because of budget cuts. so please come and support us december 22-23. >> thank you megan and windy. december 22 and 23 where again? >> dsw at 400 post street. the entrance is on powell. >> what is going on those two days? >> we're just having a >> giftwraping. >> if i may, president yee, i wanted to ask sac if you could help us bet the word out about the free muni applications and perhaps work together with janet schultz and the other associate superintendents about how we can reach as many students as possible at school sites? thank you very much. >> okay. item e, parent advisory committee pac report representative. >> >> good evening superintendent carranza, president yee and commissioners. my name is gloria and a member of the parent advisory committee and parent of two children and i wanted to extend my congratulations to all the achievements presented earlier today with staff and schools and our representatives. so thank you for your hard work and dedication. and for your commitment. i
handle on things. >> the cliff continuing to affect companies dividend strategies. we have coach, dsw this morning, and now american eagle moving dividend payable dates to this year after oracle announced it will accelerate its fiscal '13 dividend payments into this month. the payout for larry ellison will exceed 1$198 million. when you consider potential tax rates difference, that's serious money. >> real money there where you go up as high as 41%, yeah. from where we are right now, absolutely. the most tax efficient way to deal with dividends is not to have them at all. and actually run real growth companies that don't return anything to shareholders and power everything back into your business. >> a lot of companies have more cash than they need. >> i'm just saying. >> you're a purist. warren buffett wants you to hold your stock. last night on "fast" saying most individuals we deal with do not have taxable accounts. so what. he says that, listen, we're making far too much of this. jim, directly against me on this. it's very important issue that dividends will be highly taxed. that'
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)